CFL Saving Calculator



  Energy Saving Calculator

Our compact fluorescent lamps ranging from 5W to 100W to replace incandescent bulbs from 25W to 500W.

Replacing Incandescent Bulbs by CFL Lamps
Current Bulb Wattage (W) :
Current Bulb Unit Cost ($) :
Utility Rate ($) :
Number of Bulbs Currently In Use :
CFL Replacement Lamp Wattage (W) :
Unit Cost of CFL Lamps ($) :
Number of New CFL To Be Used :
Lifetime of CFL Lamps (hours) :
Average Hours of Daily Use (hours) :
* Labor Cost For Replacement Per Bulb ($) :
Electrician $/hour divided by how many bulbs changed per hour.
Saving Results:
Investment for New CFLs Replacement ($):
Current Hydro Cost Per Month ($):
Hydro Cost Using CFL Per Month ($):
Energy Saving Per Month ($):
Total Energy Savings On Investment ($):
Total Bulb Replacement Cost Savings ($):
Labor Cost Savings On Changing Bulb($) :
Payback In Months
Total Saving Using CFL Lamps($):

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